[Mosaics applet] Mosaic Displays [Mosaics applet]

This page provides a web interface to the Mosaic Display a graphical method for the analysis of multi-way frequency tables.If your browser understands JavaScript, you'll be able to interact a bit with the graphics.

Using the forms provided, you can:
  • Analyze one of several sample data sets
  • Upload a data file to be analyzed [Not all browsers handle file uploads correctly.]
  • Enter your data into a web form
Before proceeding, you will probably want to know the answers to these questions:
  1. What is a Mosaic Display?
  2. How should my data be setup?
  3. What do those options do?
  4. How do you do this?

Choose a Data Source

Select a sample dataset if you chose "Use Sample data". You can browse the sample datasets first in a new window.
Sample datasets