Chapter 4. Mosaic displays for n-way tables

Mosaic displays help to visualize the pattern of associations among variables in two-way and larger tables. Extensions of this technique can reveal partial associations, marginal associations, and shed light on the structure of loglinear models themselves.
4.1. Introduction
4.2. Two-way tables
4.2.1. Software for mosaic displays
4.3. Three-way tables
4.3.1. Fitting models
4.3.2. Causal models
4.3.3. Partial association
4.4. Mosaic Matrices for Categorical Data
4.4.1. Conditional mosaic matrices
4.5. Showing the structure of loglinear models}
4.5.1. Mutual independence
4.5.2. Joint independence
4.5.3. Conditional independence
4.6. Chapter summary