Appendix B: Data Sets

Note: If you've purchased the book, you can download the complete VCD Archive, described in Appendix A, containing all macros, datasets and sample programs.

B.1. Arthritis treatment data
B.2. Berkeley admissions data
B.3. Hair color, eye color data
B.4. ICU data
B.5. Lifeboats on the Titanic
B.6. Pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex, and divorce
B.7. Mental impariment and parents' SES
B.8. Diagnosis of multiple sclerosis
B.9. NASA space shuttle O-ring failures
B.10. Suicide rates in Germany
B.11. Survival on the Titanic
B.12. Student opinion about the war in Vietnam
B.13. Visual acuity in left and right eyes
B.14. von Bortkiewicz data
B.15. Race and Politics in the 1980 Presidential vote
B.16. Womens labor-force participation, Canada 1977