ccmap Map data sets for France, 1830

Map data sets for France, 1830

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SAS/Graph maps

SAS/Graph maps are provided, as SAS datasets (.sas7bdat), in several forms: In all of these, and in the maps derived for other systems, the X,Y coordinates are projected coordinates in an Arbitrary Cartesian coordinate system that was used by SAS in the file MAPS.FRANCE. At the moment, there is no information available on the original projection or parameters used for the data set.

There are 3 files for each form:

  1. The map polygon file, containing X, Y coordinates for each department,
  2. The ID names file, containing department names and (X, Y) centroids used for labeling,
  3. The region outline file, containing SAS/Graph annotate instructions to draw the outlines of the regions of France on the map.
Base map Regions exploded Pop1831 cartogram
Map polygons gfrance.sas7bdat xfrance.sas7bdat cfrance.sas7bdat
ID names gfrance2.sas7bdat xfrance2.sas7bdat cfrance2.sas7bdat
Region outlines goutline.sas7bdat xoutline.sas7bdat coutline.sas7bdat
Note: All 9 of these map datasets are contained in a SAS transport file: gfrance.cpt, created with PROC CPORT, by


The SAS/Graph maps were derived from the maps, france.sas7bdat and france2.sas7bdat supplied with SAS/Graph software, as follows:

Map polygons dataset

Attrib value
Observations 5580
Variables 5
Label Map of France, 1830

Variable Type Len Label
Dept Num 8 Department Id number
SEGMENT Num 4 Map polygon segment number
X Num 6 Projected Longitude (arbitrary Cartesian coordinates)
Y Num 6 Projected Latitude (arbitrary Cartesian coordinates)
DENSITY Num 4 Map density value, 1-6

ID names dataset

This dataset contains the Department names and the X, Y coordinate of the centroid of each department. This dataset has 86 observations.

Variable Type Len Label
ID Num 8 Department Id Number
Dept Num 8 Department ID
Region Char 1 Region
Department Char 25 Department name
X Num 6 X centroid
Y Num 6 Y centroid

Region outlines dataset

This dataset contains SAS/Graph annotate instructions to draw the outlines of regions on the map. It was constructed from GFRANCE using PROC GREMOVE to remove the internal boundaries within regions, and PROC GREDUCE to add map DENSITY values. The dataset has 2026 observations.

Variable Type Len Label
function Char 8 Annotate function
color Char 8 Color
Region Char 1 Map region
X Num 6 Projected Longitude
Y Num 6 Projected Latitude
DENSITY Num 4 Map density value
xsys Char 1 X coordinate system
ysys Char 1 Y coordinate system
hsys Char 1 H coordinate system
size Num 8 Size
when Char 1 When to draw


The following statements illustrate how the datasets are used to draw the GFRANCE map shown above.
*--- Add dept numbers and names;
%let prefix=g;
data names;
   set mymaps.&prefix.france2;
   length function $8 text $20;
   xsys ='2'; ysys='2'; when='A';
   text=Department;  size=0.7; position='E';

   text = put(dept, 3.);
   size=1; position='B';

*-- Join with the outline data;
data names;
   set names mymaps.&prefix.outline;

*-- Colors for the regions;
pattern1 v=solid c=cx99CC66;  * C;
pattern2 v=solid c=cx666699;  * E;
pattern3 v=solid c=cxCC9966;  * N;
pattern4 v=solid c=cxCC6699;  * S;
pattern5 v=solid c=cx9966CC;  * W;
proc gmap
   map=mymaps.&prefix.france (where=(density<=4))
   id dept;
   choro region / discrete coutline=graycc name="gfrance" nolegend
      anno=names ;

Mondrian map and data

There are two versions of the files for use with Martin Theus' Mondrian. See the README.

CCmap map and data

Files for use with Dan Carr's Conditioned Choropleth Maps (CCmaps) program.

cdv map and data

There are 4 files for use with Jason Dykes' Cartographic DataVisualizer program (cdv).

R map and data [shapefiles]

Maps of France, together with Guerry's data and more are now available from CRAN in the Guerry package. The package also contains a vignette, "MultiSpat", written by Stephane Dray.

Sample usage:

names(gfrance)  ## list @data variables
plot(gfrance)   ## just show the map outline

# Show basic choropleth plots of some of the variables
spplot(gfrance, "Crime_pers")
spplot(gfrance, "Crime_prop")


For historical purposes, older files used to construct the Guerry package are listed below. These should also work with other software that read shapefiles (e.g., ARC/GIS, GeoDA).

Spatial analysis files

Spatial data analysis and modeling typically requires weights to take geospatial contiguity and distance into account. Here are some files I've prepared for this use from the map of France.