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SAS Macro Programs: splot

$Version: 1.7-1 (29 Feb 2012)
Michael Friendly
York University

The splot macro ( [download] get splot.sas)

The splot macro draws side-by-side boxplots for the groups defined by one or more grouping (CLASS) variables in a data set. It is a simplified, printer version of the boxplot macro.


The macro uses PROC UNIVARIATE; BY CLASS producing a printer-plot version of the boxplot, and discards all the output for each group separately.

To do this, the macro uses PROC PRINTTO to route the PROC UNIVARIATE output to a temporary file. This means that you should not call the splot macro within another application that uses PROC PRINTTO to redirect procedure output.


Name of the input data set.
Grouping variable(s). The CLASS= variables may be character or numeric. If no CLASS= variable is specified, the program generates one boxplot for all the data.
The name of the response variable(s) to be plotted. A separate plot is produced for each variable listed.
A character variable to identify each observation. If an ID= variable is specified, outside variables are labelled on the graph, using the first 8 characters of the value of the ID variable (to reduce overplotting). Otherwise, outside points are not labelled.
Linesize option for printed output, which determines how many groups will fit on the page.


The example below plots data for 6 groups in a 2 x 3 design, classified by factors A and B.
title h=1.5 'Notched Boxplot: 2 x 3 design';
     class= A B, var=y,

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