symplot symplot - SAS macro for symmetry plots symplot

SAS Macro Programs: symplot

$Version: 1.1 (24 Apr 2005)
Michael Friendly
York University

SYMPLOT macro ( [download] get

The SYMPLOT macro produces any of the plots for diagnosing symmetry of a distribution described in "Section 3.6".


Name of the input data to be analyzed.
Name of the variable to be plotted. Only one variable may be specified.
Type of plot(s): NONE, or one or more of UPLO, MIDSPR, MIDZSQ, or POWER. One plot is produced for each keyword included in the PLOT= parameter.
A number or percent of extreme observations to be trimmed. If you specify TRIM= number, the highest and lowest number observations are not plotted. If you specify TRIM= percent PCT, the highest and lowest percent% of the observations are not plotted. The TRIM= option is most useful in the POWER plot.
Name of the output data set
The name assigned to the graph(s) in the graphic catalog.


%include data(auto);
%include macros(symplot);
title 'Upper vs. Lower Plot of Price';
title'Symmetry transformation plot';
%symplot(data=auto,var=Price,plot=POWER, trim=5 pct);