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Main texts

Colin Ware, Information Visualization, 3rd Ed. . What perceptual science has to say about data visualization, from a bottom-up perspective.
Course notes at
Alberto Cairo, The Truthful Art . Information graphics frpom a communication perspective.
Steven Kosslyn, Graph Design for the Eye and Mind . A cognitive psychologist looks at graphs and presents some do's and don'ts.

More books I recommend

Tamara Munzner, Visualization Analysis & Design . An attractive new book combining computer science and design perspectives.
Web page at with lots of illustrations and lectures
Howard Wainer, Graphic discovery: a trout in the milk and other visual adventures . A collection of essays on the history of graphics and other topics.
Claus Wilke, Fundamentals of Data Visualization . Well thought out, a wide range of topics, good practical advice, lots of examples. It was written entirely using R Studio and the `bookdown` package.

Tufte Stufte

Four books by Edward Tufte largely defined the landscape for data visualization and information design.

Blogs & Web Resources

The following blogs are a rich source of information on visual design, data graphics and the history of data visualization.

My web site, . Contains the Milestone Project on the history of data vis, the Data Visualization gallery links to books, papers, courses, and software.
Nathan Yau, A large number of blog posts illustrating data visualization methods with tutorials on how do do these with R and other software.
Kaiser Fung, Fung discusses a variety of data displays and how they can be improved.
A podcast on data visualization with Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner, . Interviews with over 100 graphic designers & developers.
Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards Celebrates excellence and beauty in data visualizations,infographics, interactives & information art.
Raymond Andrews, A visual storyteller delights with graphic stories from the history of data visualization.

Software for graphics in R

At statisticians Di Cook and Heike Hofmann from Iowa State University blog about data visualization topics, using R A large collection of posts on R news and tutorials by over 750 R bloggers.
Kieran Healy, Data Visualization for Social Science: A practical introduction with R and ggplot2.
DataVis Catalog, Extended discussions of variations of a given chart type.


Presentation/project ideas

Here are a few ideas (in no particular order) for the course presentation or project:

url <- ""
page <- read_html(url)
items <- page %>% html_nodes("h3") %>% html_text() 
items <- items[grep("More", items, invert=TRUE)]
items <- sub("^\\d+\\. ", "", items, perl=TRUE)

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