Psychology 6136: R Examples

File Output Title
Arrests-effects.R [knitR] Arrests data: Effects plots
Arrests-logistic.R [knitR] Arrests data: Logistic regression
arthritis-diag.R [knitR] Arthritis data: diagnostic plots
arthritis-logistic.R [knitR] Arthritis data: Logistic regression
arthritis-propodds.R [knitR] Arthritis data: Proportional odds model
berk-4fold.R [knitR] UCBAdmissions: fourfold displays and odds ratios
berkeley-diag.R [knitR] Diagnostic plots for berkeley data
berkeley-glm.R [knitR] UCBAdmissions: Fitting models with loglm() and glm()
berkeley-logit.R [knitR] UCB data: logit models for admission
cowles-effect.R [knitR] Cowles data: Effect plots
cowles-logistic.R [knitR] Cowles data: Logistic regression
mental-ca.R [knitR] Mental health data: Correspondence analaysis
mental-glm.R [knitR] Mental health data: glm() for ordinal variables
msdiag-agree.R [knitR] MSPatients: Agreement
sexfun-chisq.R [knitR] Tests for association in two-way tables
titanic-loglin.R [knitR] Survival on the titanic, using loglm()
vision-quasi.R [knitR] VisualAcuity: Quasi-independence and quasi-symmetry
vision-sieve.R [knitR] VisualAcuity data: sieve diagrams
wlf-glogit.R [knitR] Multinomial logistic regression
wlf-nested.R [knitR] Polytomous Data: nested dichotomies