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The Statistical Consulting Service at York

The Statistical Consulting Service (SCS) at York University in Toronto is affiliated with York's Institute for Social Research, and with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the Faculty of Arts. The mandate of SCS is to assist faculty, students and staff at York with research that employs statistical methods.

   The central goals of SCS are:

SCS Activities

Consulting services

Short courses

SCS offers non-credit short courses three times a year on the use of statistical software (including SAS and SPSS), and on a variety of topics related to statistical analysis. In the Spring session, additional courses related to sample and questionnaire design, survey research and other topics are offered by the Institute for Social Research. Click below for information about our current short courses.

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2004-05 Fall 2004 Winter 2005 Spring 2005

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Course tutorials

York faculty can also arrange for SCS to supply instruction to university classes on the use of SAS and SPSS. Please contact the SCS Coordinator.

Seminar Series

SCS also hosts an informal seminar series and discussion group for faculty and SCS staff on topics of current interest. In 2003-2004 our topic was History of Statistics and Data Visualization.

In 2002-2003 our topic was Bayesian Methods in Statistics. In 2001-2002 we considered Structural Equations Models. In 1999-2000 the series was devoted to Hierarchical Models.

In addition, a three-week Spring Seminar Series is presented annually in conjunction with the Institute for Social Research on topics relating to social research methods.

SCS Staff

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