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Assignment 2

Multivariate Data Analysis
Psychology 6140


  1. Data screening: Tabachnick & Fiddell, Ch 4.
  2. Basic matrix concepts & operations:
  3. Rob Hyndman's blog has a nice set of Twenty rules for good graphics, tips for preparing graphics for presentations or publications.


Problems (due: next week)

From the Matrix Algebra Problems (MAP) handout. (NB: The HTML versions linked below are badly formatted.)
  1. MAP I.1
  2. MAP I.2
  3. MAP I.5
  4. MAP I.8
  5. MAP II.1
Try the following two problems from Chapter 2 (p. 74) in Green and Carroll; you can use the computer to check your work.
  1. Problem 2
  2. Problem 3

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