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Assignment 3

Multivariate Data Analysis
Psychology 6140


  1. Matrix algebra: Green & Carroll, Chapter 2, 2.7 thru end; Green & Carroll 3.1-3.4 (Morrison, 2.4-2.6)
  2. Introduction to RStudio and a 4-page R Reference Card
  3. Introduction to SAS V8 for Windows Sections 1-3 give an overview.
  4. SAS/IML Introduction& handouts; also a handy SAS IML Reference Card


In R: vignette("linear-equations", package="matlib)"
demonstrates illustrates some ideas behind solving systems of linear equations in two and three unknowns
Systems of Linear Equations
A brief tutorial
Elementary row operations
A brief tutorial
imlmat1.sas src output
Basic matrix definitions
imlmat2.sas src output
Matrix arithmetic: +, -, # (elementwise operations)
imlmat4.sas src output
Properties of matrix multiplication

Problems (due: next week)

From the Matrix Algebra Problems (MAP) handout:
  1. MAP II.2
  2. MAP II.5
  3. MAP II.8
  4. MAP V.5
You can do these by hand, but you might try using R or SAS/IML to do the following problems from Green and Carroll:

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