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This page lists birthdays, death days and the days of significant events associated with individuals in the history of data visualization. A few events are recorded only as a month & year.

Names link to a search in the milestones database for their contributions. Principal anniversaries in the current year (modulo 25 years) are highlighted. Candles indicate centuries and quarter centuries .


1 deathday died: Grace Hopper 1992 (Arlington, Virginia, USA)
3 calendar event: Francis Galton 1889 --- Galton's Natural Inheritance published
4 birthday born: Isaac Newton 1643 (Lincolnshire, England)
5 deathday died: Francis Amasa Walker 1897 (Boston, MA, USA)
8 birthday born: Jean Talon 1626 (Chalons-en-Champagne, France)
8 deathday died: Galileo Galilei 1642 (Arcetri, Italy)
10 deathday died: Adrien Marie Legendre 1833 (Paris, France)
12 deathday died: Pierre de Fermat 1665 (Castres, France)
14 deathday died: Edmond Halley 1742 (Greenwich, England)
15 deathday died: Roger M. Goldwyn 1994
17 deathday died: Francis Galton 1911 (Haslemere, Surrey, England)
18 deathday died: Baron Pierre Charles Dupin 1873 (Paris, France)
19 birthday born: James Watt 1736 (Greenock, Scotland)
19 deathday died: George Julius Poulett Scrope 1876 (Cobham, Surrey, England)
21 deathday died: Arthur L. Bowley 1957 (Surrey, England)
23 deathday died: Howard Taylor Fisher 1979 (Boston, MA, USA)
24 calendar event: Edmond Halley 1684 --- Shows that Kepler's third law implied the inverse square law of attraction and presented the results at a meeting of the Royal Society []
27 deathday died: Phillippe Buache 1773 (Paris, France)
29 birthday born: Joseph B. Kruskal 1928 (New York, USA)


1 deathday died: Charles Lallemand 1839 (Bussy, Haute-Marne, France)
2 birthday born: Mark Monmonier 1943 (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
2 deathday died: Dmitri Mendeleev 1907 (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
2 calendar event: Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss 1823 --- Gauss completes "Gauss-Markov Theorem"
3 deathday died: Johann Gutenberg 1468 (Mainz, Germany)
5 deathday died: Nicolaus Samuel Cruquius 1754 (Spaarndam, Netherlands)
5 deathday died: Pierre-Simon, Marquis de Laplace 1827 (Paris, France)
5 calendar event: John Graunt 1662 --- "Natural and Political Observations.." was published in London; it is considered the founding text of both statistics and demography [Graunt:1662;]
5 calendar event: Pierre Simon Laplace 1772 --- Laplace presents his first probability memoir to the Académie des Sciences
6 birthday born: Charles Wheatstone 1802 (Gloucester, England)
6 deathday died: Joseph Priestley 1804 (Pennsylvania, USA)
7 birthday born: Phillippe Buache 1700 (Paris, France)
8 birthday born: Dmitri Mendeleev 1834 (Tobolsk, Russia)
8 birthday born: Francis Ysidro Edgeworth 1845 (Edgeworthstown, County Longford, Ireland)
9 calendar event: Francis Galton 1877 --- Galton presents idea of 'reversion' based on breeding experiments with sweet peas [Stigler:1986, p.281]
10 deathday died: Émile Cheysson 1910 (Leysin, Switzerland)
10 deathday died: Henry Drury Harness 1883 (Headington, Oxfordshire, England)
10 deathday died: Lawrence Joseph Henderson 1942 (Cambridge, MA, USA)
11 birthday born: Josiah Willard Gibbs 1839 (New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
11 birthday born: James Cowles Pritchard 1786 (Herefordshire, England)
11 deathday died: René Descartes 1650 (Stockholm, Sweden)
11 deathday died: William Playfair 1823 (London, England)
12 birthday born: Jacques Barbeu-Dubourg 1709 (Mayenne, France)
12 birthday born: Georg von Mayr 1841 (Wuerzburg, Germany)
13 deathday died: Rogerius Josephus Boscovich 1787 (Milan, Italy)
14 deathday died: Alphonse Bertillon 1914 (Paris, France)
14 deathday died: Francis Ysidro Edgeworth 1926 (Oxford, Oxfordshire, England)
14 calendar event: Pierre Simon Laplace 1814 --- Laplace presents Essai philosophique sur les probabilités to the Académie des Sciences
15 birthday born: Galileo Galilei 1564 (Pisa, Italy)
15 deathday died: Pierre-François Verhulst 1849 (Brussels, Belgium) 175th anniversary
15 calendar event: Johann Carl Friedrich Guass 1821 --- Gauss reads part I of "Gauss-Markov Theorem"
16 birthday born: Francis Galton 1822 (Sparkbrook, Birmingham, England)
16 birthday born: Georg Joachim Rheticus 1514 (Feldkirch, Austria)
17 birthday born: Ronald Aylmer Fisher 1890 (London, England)
17 birthday born: Johanes Tobias Mayer 1723 (Marbach, Germany)
17 birthday born: Martin I. Krzywinski 1971 (Warsaw, Poland)
17 deathday died: Heinrich Berghaus 1884 (Stettin, Poland)
17 deathday died: Adolphe Quetelet 1874 (Brussels, Belgium) 150th anniversary
17 calendar event: Dmitri Mendeleev 1889 --- Mendeleev discovers the systematic periodicity in chemical elements, when arranged in what he called the periodic table [Mendeleev:1889]
18 deathday died: Henry Norris Russell 1957 (Princeton, NJ, USA)
20 deathday died: Johanes Tobias Mayer 1762 (Gottingen, Germany)
22 birthday born: Adolphe Quetelet 1796 (Ghent, Flanders, Belgium)
23 deathday died: Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss 1855 (Göttingen, Germany)
23 birthday born: W.E.B. Du Bois 1863 (Great Barrington, MA, USA)
25 deathday died: Christopher Wren 1723 (London, England)
26 deathday died: Aloys Senefelder 1834 (Munich, Germany)
27 birthday born: John Bailey Peddle 1868 (Terre Haute, Indiana, USA)
27 deathday died: John Arbuthnot 1735 (London, England)
27 calendar event: Francis Galton 1874 150th anniversary --- Galton demonstrates the quincunx at a meeting of the Royal Institution [Stigler:1986, p.276]
29 birthday born: Herman Hollerith 1860 (Buffalo, NY, USA)


3 deathday died: Sewall Wright 1988 (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)
4 deathday died: Alban William Housego Phillips 1975 (Auckland, New Zealand)
5 birthday born: Benjamin Gompertz 1779 (London, England)
5 birthday born: Etienne-Jules Marey 1830 (Beaune, France)
5 birthday born: Gerardus Mercator 1512 (Rupelmonde, Flanders, Belgium)
5 birthday born: William Oughtred 1574 (Eton, England) 450th anniversary
6 calendar event: Adrien Marie Legendre 1805 --- Legendre introduces least squares in his Nouvelles Méthodes pour la Détermination des Orbites des Comètes
7 birthday born: John Frederick W. Herschel 1792 (Slough, Buckinghamshire, England)
7 birthday born: Charles Lallemand 1857 (Saint-Aubin-sur-Aire, France)
7 birthday born: Joseph Nicephore Niepce 1765 (Chalon-sur-Saone, France)
7 deathday died: Alexandre Jean Baptiste Parent-Duchatelet 1836 (Paris, France)
9 birthday born: Howard H. Aiken 1900 (Hoboken, NJ, USA)
10 birthday born: George Julius Poulett Scrope 1797 (Waverley Abbey, Surrey, England)
10 calendar event: Pierre Simon Laplace 1733 --- Laplace introduces inverse probability, arguably the most influential paper in mathematical statistics before 1800 []
11 birthday born: Vannevar Bush 1890 (Everett, USA)
11 deathday died: Walter A. Shewhart 1967 (Troy Hills, New Jersey, USA)
12 deathday died: Charles Xavier Thomas de Colmar 1870 (Paris, France)
13 birthday born: Joseph Priestley 1733 (Leeds, England)
13 deathday died: Henry Pickering Bowditch 1911 (Boston, USA)
13 deathday died: Léon Lalanne 1892 (Paris, France)
13 calendar event: Galileo Galilei 1610 --- Published Sidereus Nuncius; containing the first astronomical pictures ever published using a telescope [Galilei:1610; Tufte]
14 deathday died: Howard H. Aiken 1973 (St Louis, MO, USA)
14 deathday died: Adriano Balbi 1884 (Padua, Italy)
15 deathday died: James Joseph Sylvester 1897 (London, England)
16 birthday born: John Snow 1813 (Yorkshire, England)
16 deathday died: Richard A. Becker 1955 (Bad Schwalbach, Germany)
17 deathday died: John Backus 2007 (Ashland, OR, USA)
18 birthday born: Walter A. Shewhart 1891 (New Canton Illinois, USA)
18 birthday born: Frank Julian Warne 1874 (Parkersburg, WV, USA) 150th anniversary
21 birthday born: Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier 1768 (Auxerre, Bourgogne, France)
21 deathday died: Luke Howard 1864 (Tottenham, England)
21 deathday died: Edward Walter Maunder 1928 (London, England)
22 deathday died: Johann Peter Süssmilch 1767 (Berlin, Germany)
23 birthday born: William Smith 1769 (Churchill, Oxfordshire, England)
23 birthday born: Pierre-Simon, Marquis de Laplace 1749 (Beaumont-en-Auge, Normandy, France) 275th anniversary
25 birthday born: Maurice d'Ocagne 1862 (Paris, France)
27 birthday born: Charles Joseph Minard 1781 (Dijon, France)
27 birthday born: Karl Pearson 1857 (London, England)
28 calendar event: Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss 1809 --- Gauss finishes Theoria Motus, among the most perfect books on observational astronomy
30 birthday born: Charles Booth 1840 (Liverpool, England)
31 birthday born: René Descartes 1596 (La Haye-Descartes, France)
31 deathday died: Isaac Newton 1727 (Kensington, London, England)
NA calendar event: Michael Florent van Langren 1628 --- van Langren presents the first statistical graph, in a letter to Isabella of Spain [Friendly-etal:2010]


1 birthday born: John Arbuthnot 1667 (Inverbervie, Kincardine, Scotland)
1 birthday born: Emmanuel de Martonne 1873 (Chabris, France)
2 birthday born: Abraham Ortelius 1527 (Antwerp, France)
2 birthday born: Valentine Seaman 1770 (Queens Country, NY, USA)
3 deathday died: Ernest Florens Friedrich Chladni 1827 (Wrocław, Poland)
4 birthday born: Henry Pickering Bowditch 1840 (Boston, USA)
4 deathday died: John Napier 1617 (Edinburgh, Scotland)
4 deathday died: John Venn 1923 (Cambridge, England)
6 birthday born: Louis-Léger Vauthier 1815 (Bergerac, France)
9 birthday born: Eadweard Muybridge 1830 (Kingston upon Thames, England)
9 deathday died: André Michel Guerry 1866 (Paris, France)
9 calendar event: Pierre Simon Laplace 1810 --- Laplace presents the central limit theorem [Stigler:1986, p.136]
10 birthday born: Forrest Young 1940 (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
10 deathday died: Auguste Lumière 1954 (Lyon, France)
10 calendar event: Thomas Simpson 1755 --- Simpson introduces error distributions, the first formulation of a continuous distribution
12 birthday born: Edward Walter Maunder 1851 (London, England)
14 birthday born: Howard Gray Funkhouser 1898 (Winchester,. Virginia, USA)
14 birthday born: Christiaan Huygens 1629 (The Hague, Netherlands)
15 birthday born: Leonhard Euler 1707 (Basel, Switzerland)
15 birthday born: Moses Harris 1730 (England)
15 birthday born: Leonardo da Vinci 1452 (Vinci, Italy)
17 deathday died: Thomas Bayes 1761 (Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England)
17 deathday died: Patrick Geddes 1932 (College des Ecossais, Montpellier, France)
18 deathday died: John Graunt 1674 (London, England) 350th anniversary
19 birthday born: Gustav Theodor Fechner 1801 (Groß Särchen, Germany)
22 birthday born: Wilhelm Schickard 1592 (Herrenberg, Germany)
24 birthday born: Alphonse Bertillon 1853 (Paris, France)
24 birthday born: John Graunt 1620 (London, England)
25 birthday born: Adriano Balbi 1782 (Venice, Italy)
27 birthday born: Michael F. van Langren 1598 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
27 deathday died: Karl Pearson 1936 (Coldharbour, Surrey, England)
27 calendar event: Christiaan Huygens 1657 --- Published De ratiociniis in ludi aleae; first printed work on probablity theory [Huygens:1657]
28 deathday died: Josiah Willard Gibbs 1903 (New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
30 birthday born: Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss 1777 (Braunschweig, Germany)


1 birthday born: Andrew S. C. Ehrenberg 1926 (Bochum, Germany)
1 deathday died: Gottfried Achenwall 1772 (Göttingen, Germany)
2 birthday born: Athanasius Kirscher 1602 (Geisa, Imperial Abbey of Fulda, Germany)
2 deathday died: Leonardo da Vinci 1519 (Cloux, Amboise, France)
3 birthday born: Heinrich Berghaus 1797 (Kleve, Germany)
3 deathday died: Jacques Bertin 2010 (Paris, France)
5 birthday born: Roger M. Goldwyn 1936
5 birthday born: Charles Xavier Thomas de Colmar 1785 (Colmar, France)
6 deathday died: Alexander von Humboldt 1859 (Berlin, Germany)
7 birthday born: Michael Friendly 1945 (New York City, NY, USA)
8 deathday died: Eadweard Muybridge 1904 (Kingston upon Thames, England)
9 birthday born: Gaspard Monge 1746 (Golden Hillside, France)
10 birthday born: Mordecai J. B. Ezekial 1899 (Richmond, Virginia, USA) 125th anniversary
11 deathday died: John Frederick W. Herschel 1871 (Hawkhurst, Kent, England)
11 calendar event: Edmond Halley 1676 --- Important observations were recorded at Oxford about the occultation of Mars by the moon []
11 calendar event: Francis Ysidro Edgeworth 1892 --- Edgeworth's first Newmarch Lecture
12 birthday born: Florence Nightingale 1820 (Florence, Italy)
12 birthday born: Johann Heinrich Schulze 1687 (Germany)
14 birthday born: Niels Keiding 1944 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
14 deathday died: Thomas Simpson 1761 (Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, England)
14 calendar event: Lt. Serjev 1854 --- The first graphic train schedule, portraying routes from St. Petersbourg to Moscow. It was previously believed that this method was designed by Marey. [Wainer-Harik:2013]
15 birthday born: Andreas Buja 1951 (Zurich, Switzerland)
15 deathday died: Jacob Cristoph Le Blon 1741 (Paris, France)
15 deathday died: Etienne-Jules Marey 1904 (Paris, France)
16 deathday died: Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier 1830 (Paris, France)
18 birthday born: Rogerius Josephus Boscovich 1711 (Ragusa, Dubrovnik, Croatia)
18 birthday born: Émile Cheysson 1836 (Nimes, France)
20 birthday born: Adolphe d'Angeville 1796 (Lompnes, France)
20 calendar event: Abraham Ortelius 1570 --- Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Theatre of the world), the first modern atlas published. []
21 birthday born: Hans Berger 1873 (Neuses, Germany)
23 birthday born: Jacob Cristoph Le Blon 1667 (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
25 deathday died: Kuno Ruben Gabriel 2003 (Rochester, NY, USA)
25 deathday died: Regnier Gemma-Frisius 1555 (Louvain, Brabant, Belgium)
26 birthday born: William Petty 1623 (Romsey, England)
26 birthday born: Abraham de Moivre 1667 (Vitry le Francois, Champagne, France)
26 deathday died: Adolphe d'Angeville 1856 (Lompnes, France)
29 birthday born: Louis Leon Thurstone 1887 (Chicago, Illnois, USA)
NA calendar event: John Snow 1855 --- A dot map (2nd ed) that shows the concentration of deaths caused by Cholera in a part of England. [Gilbert:1958; Snow:1855]
NA calendar event: Charles Joseph Minard 1864 --- A chart of the quantities of French wine exported by sea in 1864 was designed by Minard [Minard:1865b]


1 deathday died: Hans Berger 1941 (Jena, Germany)
3 birthday born: Lawrence Joseph Henderson 1878 (Lynn, MA, USA)
4 birthday born: Henry C. Beck 1902 (London, England)
5 birthday born: Harry Harmon 1913 (Poland)
6 deathday died: Louis Lumière 1948 (Bandol, France)
7 calendar event: William Playfair 1786 --- Playfair, an inventor of modern graphical designs, published a chart showing the imports and exports of Scotland. [Tufte:1983]
8 birthday born: August Friedrich Wilhelm Crome 1753 (Sengwarden, Germany)
8 deathday died: Harry Harmon 1976 (Princeton, NJ, USA)
11 deathday died: August Friedrich Wilhelm Crome 1833 (Rödelheim, Germany)
13 birthday born: James Clerk Maxwell 1831 (Edinburgh, Scotland)
13 birthday born: Willebrord van Roijen Snell 1580 (Leiden, Netherlands)
16 birthday born: John W. Tukey 1915 (New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA)
16 deathday died: Albert D. Biderman 2003 (McLean, Virginia, USA)
16 deathday died: John Snow 1858 (London, England)
18 deathday died: Edgar Anderson 1969 (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
19 birthday born: Blaise Pascal 1623 (Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France)
24 birthday born: Johann Friedrich von Charpentier 1738 (Dresden, Germany)
28 deathday died: Vannevar Bush 1974 (Belmont, USA) 50th anniversary
28 deathday died: Abraham Ortelius 1598 (Antwerp, France)
30 deathday died: William Oughtred 1660 (Albury, Surrey, England)
30 calendar event: Pierre Simon Laplace 1821 --- Laplace presents Théorie analytique des probabilités to the Académie des Sciences


1 birthday born: Herman Chernoff 1923 (New York, USA)
1 birthday born: U.S. Bureau of the Census 1903 (USA)
1 deathday died: Max Otto Lorenz 1959 (Sunnyvale, California, USA)
2 birthday born: John Hartigan 1937 (Sydney, Australia)
2 birthday born: Francis Amasa Walker 1840 (Boston, MA, USA)
2 calendar event: André-Michel Guerry 1832 --- André-Michel Guerry submits Essai sur la Statistique Morale de la France to Academie Francais des Sciences [Friendly:2007:guerry]
3 birthday born: Léon Lalanne 1811 (Paris, France)
3 deathday died: Valentine Seaman 1817 (Beekman Street, NY, USA)
4 birthday born: Edward Wegman 1943 (Terra Haute, Indiana, USA)
5 deathday died: Joseph Nicephore Niepce 1833 (Saint-Loup-de-Varennes, France)
7 deathday died: Jacques Bertillon 1922 (Valmondois, France)
8 deathday died: Christiaan Huygens 1695 (The Hague, Netherlands)
9 deathday died: Alexander Keith Johnston 1871 (Ben Rhydding, Yorkshire, England)
9 calendar event: Adolphe Quetelet 1831 --- Quetelet names the Average Man
10 birthday born: Albert D. Biderman 1923 (NJ, USA)
10 deathday died: Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre 1851 (Bry-sur-Marne, France)
10 deathday died: Émile Levasseur 1911 (Paris, France)
11 birthday born: Robert Spence 1933 (Birthplace Hull, Yorkshire, England)
11 deathday died: Nicole Oresme 1382 (Lisieux, France)
14 deathday died: Benjamin Gompertz 1865 (London, England)
17 birthday born: Wilhelm Lexis 1837 (Eschweilier, Germany)
18 deathday died: Christopher Scheiner 1650 (Niesse, Poland)
20 birthday born: Vladimir Kosma Zworykin 1889 (Murom, Russia)
24 deathday died: Emmanuel de Martonne 1955 (Sceaux, France)
25 birthday born: Christopher Scheiner 1575 (Wald, Swabia, Germany)
26 deathday died: John W. Tukey 2000 (New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA)
27 birthday born: Jacques Bertin 1918 (Maisons-Laffitte, France)
27 birthday born: Hans Rosling 1948 (Uppsala, Sweden)
27 deathday died: Johann Friedrich von Charpentier 1805 (Freiberg, Germany)
28 deathday died: Gaspard Monge 1818 (Paris, France)
29 deathday died: Ronald Aylmer Fisher 1962 (Adelaide, Australia)
29 deathday died: Vladimir Kosma Zworykin 1982 (Princeton, NJ, USA)
30 calendar event: William Playfair 1801 --- Playfair introduces the pie chart in his book The Statistical Breviary


4 birthday born: John Venn 1834 (Hull, England)
9 deathday died: George Barnard 2002 (Ontario, Canada)
10 deathday died: Henry Gwyn Jeffreys Moseley 1915 (Gallipoli, Turkey)
11 birthday born: Nicolas of Cusa 1401 (Kus, Trier, Germany)
11 deathday died: Nicolas of Cusa 1464 (Todi, Papal States, Italy)
13 deathday died: William Stanley Jevons 1882 (Hastings, England)
13 deathday died: Florence Nightingale 1910 (East Wellow, England)
16 deathday died: Jacob Bernoulli 1715 (Basel, Switzerland)
17 birthday born: Pierre de Fermat 1601 (Beaumont-de-Lomagne, France)
19 deathday died: Blaise Pascal 1662 (Paris, France)
19 deathday died: James Watt 1819 (Handsworth, England)
20 birthday born: Thomas Simpson 1710 (Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, England) --- His 1755 paper, "On the advantages of taking the mean of a number of observations" was the earliest attempt to demonstrate the law of large numbers
20 deathday died: Jan de Witt 1672 (The Hague, Netherlands)
21 birthday born: Ben Shneiderman 1947 (New York, NY, USA)
24 deathday died: Gregorio Fontana 1803 (Milan, Italy)
25 deathday died: Andrew S. C. Ehrenberg 2010 (London, England)
25 deathday died: Michael Faraday 1867 (Hampton Court, Middlesex, England)
26 birthday born: Johann Heinrich Lambert 1728 (Mulhausen, Alsace, France)
27 deathday died: W.E.B. Du Bois 1963 (Acra, Ghana)
28 deathday died: William Smith 1839 (Northampton, England)
31 birthday born: Herman Helmholtz 1821 (Potsdam, Germany)
31 calendar event: John Snow 1854 --- Cholera outbreak in London leads to John Snow's famous dot-map graphic of those who died [Tufte]


1 birthday born: William Stanley Jevons 1835 (Liverpool, England)
3 birthday born: Johann Peter Süssmilch 1707 (Zehlendorf, Brandebourg, Germany)
3 birthday born: James Joseph Sylvester 1814 (London, England)
6 deathday died: Georg von Mayr 1925 (Tutzing, Germany)
8 deathday died: Herman Helmholtz 1894 (Charlottenburg, Germany)
9 deathday died: Joseph B. Kruskal 2010 (Maplewood, NJ, USA)
10 calendar event: Francis Galton 1885 --- Galton introduces regression
14 birthday born: Alexander von Humboldt 1769 (Berlin, Germany)
15 birthday born: Leonard Porter Ayres 1879 (Niantic, Connecticut, USA)
18 birthday born: Adrien Marie Legendre 1752 (Paris, France)
18 deathday died: Henry C. Beck 1974 (Southampton, England) 50th anniversary
18 deathday died: Leonhard Euler 1783 (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
19 birthday born: Max Otto Lorenz 1876 (Burlington, Iowa, USA)
21 deathday died: Gerolamo Cardano 1576 (Rome, Italy)
22 birthday born: Michael Faraday 1791 (Newington Butts, Surrey, England)
22 birthday born: William Playfair 1759 (Dundee, Scotland)
23 birthday born: George Barnard 1915 (Walthamstow, London, England)
23 deathday died: Maurice d'Ocagne 1938 (Havre, France)
23 calendar event: Herman Hollerith 1884 --- Herman Hollerith files his first patent application, titled "Art of Compiling Statistics" []
24 birthday born: Gerolamo Cardano 1501 (Pavia, Italy)
24 birthday born: Jan de Witt 1625 (Dordrecht, Netherlands)
25 deathday died: Johann Heinrich Lambert 1777 (Berlin, Germany)
26 birthday born: Vincent P. Barabba 1934 (Chicago, IL, USA)
29 birthday born: Michael George Mulhall 1829 (Dublin, Ireland)
29 birthday born: Alexandre Jean Baptiste Parent-Duchatelet 1790 (Paris, France)
30 deathday died: Louis Leon Thurstone 1955 (Chapel Hill, NC, USA)


2 birthday born: Patrick Geddes 1854 (Ballatar, Scotland)
2 deathday died: Heinz Von Foerster 2002 (Pescadero, California, USA)
2 calendar event: Hans Lippershey 1608 --- First known telescrope appeared in the Netherlands []
5 birthday born: Louis Lumière 1864 (Besancon, France)
6 birthday born: Baron Pierre Charles Dupin 1784 (Varzy, Nievre, France)
8 birthday born: Ejnar Hertzsprung 1873 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
10 deathday died: Johann Heinrich Schulze 1687 (Germany)
12 deathday died: Edwin A. Abbott 1926 (London, England)
17 deathday died: Herman P. Friedman 2010 (New York, USA)
17 deathday died: Gustav Zeuner 1907 (Dresden, Germany)
18 deathday died: Charles Babbage 1871 (London, England)
19 birthday born: Auguste Lumière 1862 (Besancon, France)
19 deathday died: Charles Wheatstone 1875 (Paris, France)
20 birthday born: Gottfried Achenwall 1719 (Elbing, Germany)
20 birthday born: Christopher Wren 1632 (East Knoyle, Wiltshire, England)
21 deathday died: Ejnar Hertzsprung 1967 (Roskilde, Denmark)
22 birthday born: Alfred Inselberg 1936 (Athens, Greece)
22 calendar event: Gustav Fechner 1850 --- Fechner's Law comes to Fechner in a dream [Stigler:1986,p.243]
24 deathday died: Tycho Brahe 1601 (Prague, Czech Republic)
24 deathday died: Charles Joseph Minard 1870 (Bordeaux, France)
24 deathday died: Wilhelm Schickard 1635 (Tübingen, Germany)
24 calendar event: Charles Joseph Minard 1854 --- Visual explanation: Minard's before/after diagram of the collapse of a bridge on the Rhone [Tufte:1983,p.24]
25 birthday born: Henry Norris Russell 1877 (Osyter Bay, NY, USA)
25 deathday died: Wilhelm Lexis 1914 (Gottingen, Germany)
26 birthday born: Luke Tierney 1954 (New York City, NY, USA)
26 birthday born: Howard Wainer 1943 (New York, NY, USA)
26 calendar event: Karl Pearson 1893 --- Karl Pearson's first statistical publication, a letter to Nature [Stigler:1986, p.331]
27 calendar event: Blaise Pascal 1654 --- Last letter to Pierre de Fermat detailing the beginning of the modern theory of probability. [Ball:1908]
28 birthday born: Pierre-François Verhulst 1804 (Brussels, Belgium)
29 deathday died: Leonard Porter Ayres 1946 (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
30 birthday born: Howard Taylor Fisher 1903 (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
30 deathday died: Willebrord van Roijen Snell 1626 (Leiden, Netherlands)
31 birthday born: Di Cook 1960 (Penrith, NSW, Australia)
31 deathday died: Mordecai J. B. Ezekial 1974 (Washington, D.C, USA) 50th anniversary


5 deathday died: James Clerk Maxwell 1879 (Cambridge, England)
6 birthday born: Aloys Senefelder 1771 (Prague, Czech Republic)
6 birthday born: Arthur L. Bowley 1869 (Bristol, England)
8 birthday born: Edmond Halley 1656 (Haggerston, Shoreditch, England)
9 birthday born: Edgar Anderson 1897 (Forestville, NY, USA)
10 calendar event: John Backus 1954 --- Backus published the first formal proposal for the FORTRAN; first high level language for computing
11 birthday born: Jacques Bertillon 1851 (Paris, France)
12 calendar event: Abraham De Moivre 1733 --- De Moivre's limit to the binomial
13 birthday born: Heinz Von Foerster 1911 (Vienna, Italy)
17 deathday died: Herman Hollerith 1929 (Washington, D.C., USA)
17 calendar event: Ronald Alymer Fisher 1921 --- Fisher reads to the Royal Society his paper "On the mathematical foundations of theoretical statistics" introducing key ideas of consistency, efficiency and sufficiency
18 birthday born: Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre 1787 (Cormeilles-en-Parisis, France)
18 birthday born: Alban William Housego Phillips 1914 (Te Rehunga, New Zealand)
18 deathday died: Gustav Theodor Fechner 1887 (Leipzig, Germany)
18 calendar event: Thomas de Colmar 1832 --- Thomas de Colmar patents the Arithmometer []
20 calendar event: Charles J. Minard 1812 --- Minard portrays the horrors of Napolean's Russain campaign, and is one of the first graphs to incorporate space and time. [Tufte:1983; Minard:1869a]
20 calendar event: Charles Joseph Minard 1869 --- Minard's flow map graphic of Napoleon's March on Moscow (called "the best graphic ever produced") [Palsky:1996]
23 birthday born: Henry Gwyn Jeffreys Moseley 1887 (Weymouth, England)
23 deathday died: Charles Booth 1916 (Thringstone, Leicestershire, England)
23 deathday died: Henry Laurence Gantt 1919 (Pine Island, NY, USA)
23 deathday died: Jean Talon 1694 (Chalons-en-Champagne, France)
26 deathday died: Roberto Bachi 1995 (Jerusalem, Israel)
27 birthday born: Stephen E. Fienberg 1942 (Toronto, ON, Canada)
27 deathday died: Abraham de Moivre 1754 (London, England)
27 deathday died: Willard Cope Brinton 1959
28 birthday born: Luke Howard 1772 (London, England)
28 deathday died: Athanasius Kirscher 1680 (Rome)
30 birthday born: Ernest Florens Friedrich Chladni 1756 (Wittenberg, Germany)
30 birthday born: Gustav Zeuner 1828 (Chemnitz, Germany)
30 calendar event: Charles Dupin 1826 --- Charles Dupin presents first choropleth map, showing rates of literacy in France [Wainer]


2 birthday born: Nicolaus Samuel Cruquius 1678 (Vlieland, Netherlands)
2 deathday died: Gerardus Mercator 1594 (Duisburg, Duchy of Cleves, Germany)
3 birthday born: John Backus 1924 (Philadelphia, PA, USA) 100th anniversary
3 birthday born: Richard A. Becker 1887 (Hamburg, Germany)
4 deathday died: Georg Joachim Rheticus 1574 (Kassa, Hungary) 450th anniversary
7 birthday born: Gregorio Fontana 1735 (Villa di Nogaredo, Italy)
8 birthday born: Regnier Gemma-Frisius 1508 (Dokkum, Friesland, Netherlands)
8 birthday born: Émile Levasseur 1828 (Paris, France)
9 birthday born: Grace Hopper 1906 (New York, USA)
10 birthday born: Otto Neurath 1882 (Vienna, Austria)
10 deathday died: Edmund Gunter 1626 (London, England)
11 calendar event: William Petty 1654 --- 1st econometric survey
12 calendar event: John Snow 1854 --- John Snow reports on the cholera outbreak that occurred in England in 1854 to the Cholera Inquiry Committee [Gilbert:1958; Snow:1855]
13 deathday died: Michael George Mulhall 1900 (Dublin, Ireland)
13 deathday died: Niccolo Fontana Tartaglia 1557 (Venice, Italy)
14 deathday died: Stephen E. Fienberg 2016 (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
14 birthday born: Tycho Brahe 1546 (Knutstorp Castle, Denmark)
14 deathday died: Jacques Barbeu-Dubourg 1779 (Paris, France)
16 deathday died: Guillaume Le Nautonier 1620 (Castelfranc, France)
16 deathday died: William Petty 1687 (London, England)
19 calendar event: Karl Pearson 1894 --- Karl Pearson introduces the Pearson family of densities
20 birthday born: Edwin A. Abbott 1838 (Marylebone, Middlesex, England)
20 calendar event: Francis Galton 1888 --- Galton paper on correlation presented to the Royal Society of London [Stigler:1986,p297]
21 birthday born: Sewall Wright 1889 (Melrose, MA, USA)
22 birthday born: Willard Cope Brinton 1880 (West Chester, PA, USA)
22 deathday died: Otto Neurath 1945 (Oxford, England)
23 deathday died: James Cowles Pritchard 1848 (London, England)
23 calendar event: Thomas Bayes 1763 --- Richard Price reads Bayes's essay to the Royal Society
24 birthday born: André Michel Guerry 1802 (Tours, France)
25 calendar event: Edmond Halley 1758 --- Halley accurately predicts that a comet of 1682 (now called Halley's comet) would reappear in 1758, 15 years after his death. It is the only short period comet that is visible from earth to the naked eye. []
26 birthday born: Charles Babbage 1791 (London, England)
27 birthday born: Jacob Bernoulli 1654 (Basel, Switzerland)
28 birthday born: Alexander Keith Johnston 1804 (Kirkhill, Scotland)

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