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Data sets

These files are set up as SAS DATA steps, ready to be used in other programs. They are stored on Hebb in the DATA directory under PSY6140. To use one of them, you can either use the menu choices File -> Open, or submit a %include statement such as

%include data(alzheim);
to obtain the ALZHEIM.SAS data file. Many of these data sets are also available as SAS permanent data sets in the PSY614 libaray. You can access these directly in a PROC statement, e.g.,
proc reg data=psy614.baseball;
   model ...
alzheim.sas src
Memory Tests on Alzheimer and Depressed Patients. Various memory tests were administered to patients with mild Alzheimer's disease, depression and normal controls. How well can the memory tests be used to distinguish among groups?
auto.sas src
Automobiles data set
autol.sas src
A version of the Automobiles data set with lower case make/model labels
baseball.sas src
Baseball data: Hitters File
basepitc.sas src
Baseball data: Pitcher File
baseteam.sas src
Baseball data: Teams File
blood.sas src
Age & blood concentration of cholesterol in Iowa & Nebraska women
citytemp.sas src
Mean temperature in January and July for selected cities
crime.sas src
US Crime rates. Rates of occurrence of 7 crime categories in the 50 US states.
crime16.sas src
City crime rate in 16 US cities
detroit.sas src
Data on homicide rates in Detroit, 1961-1973. The data set is unusual in that a subset of three predictors can be found which gives a very much better fit than subsets found from forward, backward, or stepwise selection.
dogfood.sas src
Dog Food: One Way Completely Randomized Manova Design
diabetes.sas src
Diabetes Data. Data on various blood measures in normals and two groups of diabetic patients.
evapdata.sas src
Soil Evaporation Data
fitnessd.sas src
Fitness data Various measures of heart and pulse rate were taken on men in a physical fitness course at N.C. State Univ. The goal is to predict the rate of oxygen consumption (which is difficult and expensive to measure) from the other variables.
lecithin.sas src
Lecithin data: Effects of lecithin treatment on Alzheimer's dissease.
mathdata.sas src
Effects of teaching methods on math performance
oralprac.sas src
Effects of delay in oral practice of second language learning
ozone.sas src
Maximum daily ozone concentrations
places.sas src
Places Rated Data 329 US cities were rated on 9 different criteria for aspects of qualtity of life.
psych24c.sas src
Twenty four Psychological Tests The published correlation matrix, means, and reliabilities for the Holzinger-Swineford data.
psych24r.sas src
Holzinger & Swineford Raw data
slim.sas src
Slimming Clinics data
soceco.sas src
Socioeconomic data for 35 countries
stakloss.sas src
Stack loss data
salary.sas src
Salary survey data
teeth.sas src
Mammals Teeth Data
tnt.sas src
Two group multivariate design: Data on 27 children with an inborn error of metabolism (Transient Neonatal Tyrosinemia) and 27 matched controls are compared on subscales of the Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Ability.