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Matrix Algebra with SAS/IML

These tutorial examples use SAS/IML to illustrate various properties of matrix algebra and matrix operations.
imlasn4.sas src output
Green & Carroll problems
imldet1.sas src output
Properties of determinants
imldet2.sas src output
Evaluation of determinants by cofactor expansion and Gaussian elimination.
imleig.sas src output
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors; properties of eigenvalues; illustrates the Spectral Decomposition of a matrix.
imleqn.sas src output
Solution of Systems of Equations. Illustrates consistent & inconsistent equations, and the relation to matrix rank.
imlinv1.sas src output
Inverse of a matrix: definitions and properties.
imlinv2.sas src output
Matrix inversion by elementary row operations
imlinv3.sas src output
Generailzed inverse of a matrix
imlmat1.sas src output
Basic matrix definitions
imlmat2.sas src output
Matrix arithmetic: +, -, # (elementwise operations)
imlmat4.sas src output
Properties of matrix multiplication
imlproj.sas src output
Projections: Projecting a vector in a vector space, and the Gram-Schmidt process.
imlrank.sas src output
Matrix rank and linear independence
imlregr.sas src output
Regression using the SWEEP operator in IML
imlreg1.sas src output
Regression with IML
imlsscp.sas src output
Computing Cross product Summary Matrices
imlxmp1.sas src output
Basic matrix operations in Proc IML
matlib.sas src
Some useful IML modules for matrix operations