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Factor Analysis examples

calis1.sas src output
Testing Equivalence of measures: Lord's Vocabulary Data Four vocabulary tests are used to test various hypotheses of equivalence.
calis1a.sas src output
Lord's data: H4 unconstrained two factor model A single model is shown represented by both LINEQS statements and by a path model with RAM statements.
calis1b.sas src output
Testing Equivalence of measures: Lord s Vocabulary Data Like CALIS1, but also illustrates SAS techniques to extract and combine the goodness of fit statistics from four different CALIS models.
calis13.sas src output
Ability and Aspiration, LISREL VI, p. III.5 A first-order confirmatory factor model using the data of Calsyn & Kenny (1977). The model specification is shown using both MATRIX and LINEQS statements.
calis16.sas src output
Nine Psychological Variables, LISREL VI, p. III.106 Several different first-order confirmatory factor analysis models are fit to the standard 9-variable subset of the Holzinger & Swineford data. The different models illustrate use of modification indices in model building.
calis1pow.sas src output
Power analysis: Lord's Vocabulary Data (using the CSMPOWER macro)
calis32.sas src output
Vocabulary Test Data, LORD (1957)
calis33a.sas src output
Speed Factor Data, LORD (1956) A multi-trait (3 kinds of tests) mulit-method (speeded vs. non-speeded) matrix is analyzed with a confirmatory model specifying both power and speed factors.
calis36.sas src output
Six Different Kinds of Abilties, GUTTMAN (1954) Two circumplex models are fit to data on 6 ability variables.
calis65.sas src output
CALIS65: Special LISREL Application
faccorr.sas src output
Demonstration of Partial Linear Independence principle. The factors account for the correlations among variables in the sense that there remain no correlations when the factors are partialled out.
factor.sas src output
Nine Psychological Variables: Harman, page 244
pca1.sas src output
Mean temperature in January and July for selected cities. Illustrates the ideas of Principal Components analysis for a simple 2-variable problem.
pca2.sas src output
Principal Components analysis of Crime Rates in the U.S.
phys8.sas src output
Eight physical variables Various exploratory factor solutions are found for 8 physical body measurements, assumed to measure lankiness and stockiness. The example also illustrates SAS techniques to input data in the form of a correlation matrix.
phys8a.sas src output
Eight physical variables: Rotation Methods.
psych9.sas src output
Holzinger & Swineford 9 Ability Variables.
soceco.sas src output
Socioeconomic data for 35 countries: PCA.
spear5.sas src output
Spearman's five variables: Harman, Pp 116,391 392