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Canonical correlation, Discriminant analysis

cancor.sas src output
Canonical correlation (CORR matrix input)
candisc.sas src output
CANDISC analysis of Fisher iris data
disciris.sas src output
Iris data: Size & elongation
discralz.sas src output
Alzheimer data: Discriminant analysis
gcandiab.sas src output
Canonical Discriminant analysis plot: Diabetes data
gcandis2.sas src output
Canonical Discriminant Analysis: Iris Data, with plots
gcandplt.sas src output
Canonical Discriminant analysis plot: Alzheimer data
partcorr.sas src output
Partial correlations demonstration
stepiris.sas src output
Iris data: Stepwise discriminant analysis Several stepwise discriminant models are fit to Fisher's classic Iris data using the STEPDISC procedure. A little thought about the problem, and plots of the data, however, suggests new derived variables which perform better than any of the original ones.