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Logistic Regression examples

These tutorial examples illustrate a variety of methods involved in logistic regression analysis. A few additional examples relate to other aspects of categorical data analysis.
agreemt.sas src output
Agreement chart for n x n table.
corresp3.sas src output
Simple correspondence analysis example: Hair color, eye color.
glogist0.sas src output
GCHART for logistic regression predicted probabilities.
glogist1.sas src output
Logistic Regression: Arthritis Treatment data.
glogist2.sas src output
Logistic Regression: Proportional Odds Model.
glogist3.sas src output
Logistic Regression: Arthritis Treatment data.
glogit.sas src output
Race and Politics in the 1980 Presidential vote: Logit models.
logidiab.sas src output
Logistic regression of diabetes data (from Logistic Regression Examples).
logist1.sas src output
Arthritis treatment data The response has 3 categories: No improvement, some improvement, marked improvement. A first analysis treats the response as binary (Improved vs. Not Improved); a second analysis uses the proportional odds model for the 3-category response.
logist1a.sas src output
Arthritis treatment data. Testing the effects of additional predictors, interactions, and stepwise selection methods.
logist1b.sas src output
Arthritis treatment data. Uses the INFLOGIS macro to examine influential cases.
logist1c.sas src output
Arthritis treatment data. Compares linear and logistic regression on age
pairs.sas src output
Paired Comparison Data.
wlfinfl.sas src output
Women s Labour Force Participation An influence plot for the WLFPART data
wlfpart.sas src output
Women's labour force participation, Canada 1977 Fits several logistic models to predict whether a woman works full-time, part-time, or does not work outside the home. Compares the proportional odds model to the fitting of nested dichotomies for the polytomous response.
wlfpart1 sps
A sample analysis, similar to wlfpart.sas, with the SPSS Logistic procedure