Psych6140 Example SAS Programs

The programs listed on these pages are all stored on the Psych Hebb server. The programs are also linked to the Web, so selecting the highlighted name should display the code in your browser. Students enrolled in the course can obtain the entire program and data library for use with SAS on their own machine, or via Web Acadlabs. See:

If you are also running a SAS session, you can cut/paste the code into the SAS Session Manager Program Editor window [1]. In the Hebb Lab, they may be also be used as follows: From the Display Manager window in SAS, choose File -> Open, then navigate to the directory,

The files are organized here in subdirectories, corresponding to the topic areas listed below. Double-click on the name of the file you want, then press F3 to submit the program to SAS. There is a visual directory tree, but it is usually out of date.

Note: External users should be aware that the programs assume that data files are stored in the DATA directories defined by SAS filename statements, and that all macro programs are stored in an autocall library. The filename statements used in the PsychLab are contained in this file.

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