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Data Screening

automiss.sas src output
Demonstrates some ways of handling missing data, not all good.
basesca1.sas src output
Scatterplot matrix of baseball data. Illustrates the use of the SCATMAT macro for scatterplot matrices.
outldemo.sas src output
Multivariate outlier detection Mammals Teeth data. Illustrates use of the OUTLIER macro to detect multivariate outliers.
outldem1.sas src output
Outlier demonstration: 2 & 3 variables. Illustrates the problem of multivariate outliers in simple 2- and 3-variable situations, where univariate or even bivariate plots may not show anything unusual.
outldem2.sas src output
Outlier detection: Simple ChiSquare Probability plot. A continuation of OUTLDEM1, this example shows the basic idea behind the outlier plot.
outltest.sas src output
?? Multivariate outlier detection: Mammals Teeth data
poolscp.sas src output
Within and Between Group SSCP. Generates some random data to show how group differences in means can affect the Variance-Covariance matrix.
poolscpg.sas src output
A continuation of POOLSCP, with a Proc GPLOT display, showing the effects of group differences on Variance Covariance matrix
scatautp.sas src
Scatterplot matrices with PROC PLOT. They're not the best, but they are fairly easy to do for a quick look at a multivariate data set.